I’m Neil. A thirty-something year old, living in the North West of England.

I’m nothing more than a mere amateur photographer, I don’t pretend to be anything more & most of the time come across as something far less. I’m not a ‘gear freak’ & can quite often seen with a full frame camera around my neck while shooting with my camera phone instead.

I’m on the committee of my local Photographic Society (Ellesmere Port PS) & regularly enter exhibitions on the British Photographic Exhibition circuit, with mixed results & sometimes awards. I have the honours of a BPE1* recognition in photographic exhibitions & I’m currently working towards my CPAGB accreditation.

I enjoy travel photography & I’m currently a fair chunk of the way into visiting every European country, while not being a massive fan of portraiture I do enjoy creating composite work.

Oh one more thing.. I f**king hate nature photography with a passion!

Thanks for visiting but this site is mostly just a place for me to store my images on.

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