I cannot use my new toy!

When looking at other peoples images in exhibitions & at my photographic club I never see many images shot on a drone. So I had the great idea that I’d try & fill that gap.

In January I decided to buy my first drone, I went for a (well known) DJI but went for one of the less complicated ones, hoping I won’t be too far out my depth.

At first I couldn’t use it because in the UK it’s illegal to fly a drone without an operators permit & a flying licence from the Civil Aviation Authority.

When I passed the test & gained everything needed to fly, Storm Ciara hit the UK badly & drones don’t like the wind. So I was still unable to fly it.

I managed to squeeze in my first attempt at having a quick fly in March while walking the dogs on West Kirby beach, photography was not on my mind at all as I just wanted to get to grips with the basics.

Shorty after that I went away to the South of France, only to return to a locked down UK. I cannot fly it at the moment as my town is in a ‘no fly zone’ with being near an airport, I cannot travel to use it as there’s travel restrictions & even if I wanted too I have no time because I’m one of the few people still having to work through the pandemic!

I’m half way through my 12 month warranty I its only had 5 minuets use.