Yes! Another New Site..

Well.. Short story long, I tend to start them & never update or maintain them.
Hopefully this time, it might be different.

If you know me, you know my online name is Poondash. The domain comes & goes, several times I’ve bought it & let the ownership expire when higher renewal fees come calling. The last time I let it go kept it on their books & was demanding £700 for it, knowing that I usually come back & pick it up on the cheap for £0.99. Well they finally gave up on me coming back & they released ownership which led me to this point.

I might as well start afresh with my new-old domain name.

In the past I’ve usually just set it as a redirect address to Flickr or BlipFoto but I’ve decided to put it to use unlike my other domain, rather than just redirecting it I decided to give the world of a go. So here I am.

So far WordPress has been pretty simple. They seem to be blog focused & I’m not much of a blogger, so these updates may be infrequent, dull or both. We’ll see.

New Logo Background

Hopefully this may be the kick I usually need every few years to give a s**t about taking new photos, besides I have two years of images that haven’t seen the light of day.